VB.Net CSS Parser

This is the first and only VB.Net CSS Parser. We have worked long and hard to bring this module to you, allowing you to easily skin and modify your programs interface with simple CSS. This lightweight parser is simple to use, decently quick, and can apply the descriptors of any CSS file to any Windows Form or control (and sub-controls).

How can VBCssParser help you? Here is a list of ways in which it can make your job much easier: Here is how easy it is to apply css to a Windows Form:
Dim Css As CSSFile = CSSParser.ParseFile("{css here}","{root element}")
Css.ApplyWinform(Form1) 'Applies the document to the form and its control
With that tiny snippet of code, we are able to apply an entire CSS document to a Windows Form in milliseconds. It is simple, efficient, and works great.

What's included with the parser?
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